How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to improve how it looks, update its style, add amenities or storage space, or just improve your home’s resale value. Because there are such a variety of ways to change the appearance and function of your bathroom, nailing down an exact price for your bathroom remodel will require you shop the specific showers, tubs, vanities, flooring, walling, etc. that you want to use. Of course, getting a general idea can make deciding how much of a remodel you can afford, and therefore, what kind of remodel you need, much easier. Here are three different price ranges and what you can expect to get for that range:

  1. A basic bathroom remodel, in between $3000 and $12,000. While this price range won’t cover new plumbing, it will cover new fixtures, depending on what fixtures you want to buy. A new toilet, bathtub, and even shower are all within reach, especially if you have the savvy and time to install these yourself. Tile for the entire bathroom is usually beyond this budget (unless that’s the only change you make and you do the work yourself), but tiling just the shower area is possible. Though buying off-the shelf fixtures and materials will not be as luxurious as buying custom items, these will enable you to change more.
  1. A midrange bathroom remodel, in between $10,000 and $35,000. If this is your price range, you’ll be able to spring for some better fixtures and custom countertops, cabinets, and vanities. You’ll also have more options if you want to move your shower or sink, though not as many as you will at the next level. If there aren’t many significant changes you want to make to the arrangement of your amenities or the amenities themselves, you can invest in tile for all your walls or one very luxurious piece like a nice vanity.
  1. A high-end bathroom remodel, ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 and beyond. If you have to gut your bathroom and plumbing and start entirely fresh with custom cabinets, counters, high-end fixtures, wall-coverings, and flooring, this is the price range you are looking at, especially if you are going to hire a good contractor to do the work. While it is possible to gut your bathroom and redo it without spending $30,000, for luxurious, handmade, and quality materials, you might have to pay that or more.

For more detailed information about how much a bathroom remodel will cost, contact your bathroom renovation / remodeling contractor for a free consultation. Ask a friend or a neighbor who has completed a remodeling project for suggestion on who to contact if you are having doubts picking online. The best way to find the right contactor is to find one that is extremely busy, however will have time for your project once he is done.