Make Your Bathroom Blossom!

There is no greater design inspiration then the beauty of Mother Nature. Make your bathroom blossom and bring the outdoors in with nature-inspired motifs, product shapes and materials.
Here are 3 ways to update your bathroom and celebrate the warmth of summer all year round:


This French inspired mirrored vanity brings reflection and sparkle to your bathroom! Let the ROSE sculpted crystal knobs illuminate your space for an elegant statement piece. ADMC, Dancing Room Collection, Solid Ash Wood Base 54″ W x 20.8″ D x 31.9″ H


Master woodcarvers HANDCRAFT FLORAL designs into this beautiful Walnut vanity and room divider. Treat yourself to the rich history of this art form and create a decadent space to relax. GODI, Vanilla Sky Collection, Solid Walnut Base Cabinet: 61.5″ W x 18″ D x 32.7″ H. Room Divider 52.7″ W x 1.4″ D x 72.5″ H.


This organic LEAF-INSPIRED vessel sink adds interest to any modern bathroom. The simple design allows you to mix and match on any surface and style of your home. BISSETTE 26″ Solid Surface Vessel Sink, 25.6″ W 15″ D 5.1″ H


Ride the soft WATER WAVE details of this double vanity sink. Sealed with 4-layers of white gloss finish it is water resistant against any bath time splashes with the kids. It is after all summer though – time for some fun! ADMC, Water Series, Solid Oak Wood Base 56.3” W x 19” D x 27.7” H

For more information on any of the items above, please contact a local dealer in your area: authorized dealers or call 1-888-398-8380.