Why hire an interior designer?

Renovating your bathroom is easy when you pick the right interior designer for the job. There are many trained individuals holding awards and master degrees, and there are many who are just not as qualified to conquer your specific task. Finding a good interior designer from the preliminary stages can help reduce the costs of jobs going wrong. But most importantly, they will truly help you achieve your goals in a cost effective way.

Clients have a keen eye for design – it is true! Today we are faced with a massive amount of design materials everywhere we go. And much of the design we often dream about is just a click away. So why should you hire an interior designer for you bathroom remodeling, kitchen or complete home renovation? Here are 8 points to consider;

  • Maintain the integrity of your design

It is extremely tempting to find yourself raising your expectations with new products or visions in mind during a project. Yet, it can become very costly if you decide to change the phases of your already planned design. Either you will spend more for additional materials and labour, or you will spend more, later, on reverting the changes you though would be ideal for your project. Thus, it is great to stick to the first plan. An interior designer will help attend to all the ideas racing in your mind. They will guide you through if any changes are indeed necessary.

  • Make the right selection of products and finishes

h-031-650x400When looking for materials and finishes, there are over a billion of products available on demand from all across the world. How do you know which ones would fit best to your needs? Just because something looks right doesn’t mean it is right – or at least not for your project. The answer is very simple – hire a professional who has been dealing with materials on full-time basis. Each and every interior designer has a list of suppliers and trades who have experience working with materials on daily basis. It is their full-time job, and they know what works and what doesn’t, what breaks and what lasts, what costs and what will be costlier, eventually. Thus, an Interior Designer has the right selection and reputation for using products.

  • Introduce you to the right trades

Picking the right trades is stressful especially when you’re facing a professional sales person rather than the actual contractor – especially when the company is “one man made”. This is the reason why review websites such as HomeStars and Houzz and Yelp – help people look at reviews of other people and base their decision on what people buzz about. But in order to pick the right trade, you must be more personal. A good way to be more personal is to speak with an interior designer about their trades. They will tell you who they work with, and how they work, and maybe they will take you to the job site to see the trade work so that you can experience and evaluate their character as well as their workmanship.

  • Network of suppliers for discount

So you may think that hiring an interior designer is costlier than hiring a contractor or doing it all yourself. That might not be the case. Interior designers have a bank of resources and close relationships with suppliers and their networks. Getting more for less is a part of their job, in which interior designers bargain and consult and make the right purchasing decisions for you. At times the discounts given to interior designers can amount to staggering numbers that can literally make your renovation project cost less than half of the initial cost than if you were to purchase materials yourself directly at the retail locations. Interior designers have the right network of people that can help you reduce much of your expenses.

  • Acquire permit and drawing

In case you have a huge remodelling task in front of you or if you’re custom building a house, getting your permits – or even before getting permits – finding the right architect is important. Consulting with your interior designer prior to visiting an architect can save you much of your time and money. Each square foot of drawing adds up eventually. And after the drawings are finished and submitted to the committee, there is no going back – unless you have extra to spend, both time and… yes, more money. It is better to use your budget efficiently for the finishing. Speak to an interior designer to plan your project ahead and well. They will also help you with acquiring your permits, on time.

  • Furnishings and staging concepts

ct-03-ct-05-ct-09-650x400The best way to choose the right interior designer for your task is to look at their portfolio and the style of their work. Every interior designer has preference and vision of design, and how they interpret the needs of their clients is extremely important. If you see an interior designer with works that fit to your likings, they are likely to fulfill the desires of yours with additional care after the building stages been completed. Similarly to the task of purchasing materials and their relations to discounts, interior designers have also a list of furnishing suppliers with close relationships. And if you decide to sell your property, staging becomes an even easier task since it evolves more towards what the broad market wants rather than what you want as an individual.

  • Connect you with real-estate

If you want a better understanding of resale value of a renovated property, interior designers do just that. With an array of options to pick from, interior designers encourage customers to invest most into materials and finishes because of the investment for resale value. Once recognizing your neighborhood thoroughly, you will have a better understanding of what your property is worth. And what is the best way to find that out? Connect to a real estate professional who has experience selling in the location provided. If you don’t know such a professional? An interior designer can help.

  • Enhance your everyday life

Aside from choosing gorgeous, high end materials and finishes (unlike your neighbour) for your project, it is important to keep things practical. Some things work more easily and comfortably than others. And just because something is high-end in looks and price, does not always mean that it’s best in practice. At the end of a long working day, the last thing you want is discomfort in your very own home. Choosing practical materials rather than theoretical will determine the experience of your everyday life. A good interior designer becomes great when they pick practical products rather than the other.

Sum up

So do your homework. Make a list of questions for the initial meeting with the designer of your choice. Ask how much they charge and the timelines expected to complete project. But most importantly be courageous in your approach. Take a part in your project and be the difference. When all your work is completed, you will feel good about your contributions. “It is better to shoot for the stars and land in the mud, than shoot for the mud and make it”.