Designer Series Featuring Samantha

The shape of the Isabella Collection is very unique. The curve of the countertop, legs and mirror make it very sensual. The series is made of solid ash wood and has subtle colour variations within the wood grain. It allows for a good variety of paint colour choices for the wall. I’m a big fan of black and white spaces.

Example of Samantha’s Soft Pink (Rug) and Nero Marquina Marble colour combination. Nero Marquina and Port Black are among her favorite stone choices.

73 Series Lights by Bocci

The pearlescent glass of the Bocci lights makes a wonderful relaxing addition to the bathroom. The chandelier reminds me of floating clouds – you can add more or less to create a custom piece of work in your home.

The silver bunny represents my design philosophy. I believe that a great design must represent the personality of the owner. I happen to love rabbits and the artist Jeff Koons. When designing your own bathroom space, keep in mind its ultimate purpose. Is it a relaxing oasis or an energizing space? Don’t forget that everyone ages. Design in grab bars, tubs/showers that are accessible and plenty of lighting.

Samantha Sannella, BFA ID, M ARCH