Bring the best out of you and your imagination

Torontonians aspire for long time to see brand new bathroom vanities unlike any other available on the Canadian market. And today, GODI brings the best of designs and functionality to homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Montreal Area, and Canada wide.

At the opening night of the Interior Design Show 2015 in Toronto, GODI Bathroom opened up with a massive 20×20 booth with a set of vanities that created tremendous vibe among participants at the show. Designers, architects and trades professionals who came alomg the booth couldn’t help but to take a photograph or two to capture new aspirations and ideas into their lives. Much of the buzz around the IDS2015 had evolved into various parts of Canada and worldwide – to USA, to Germany, to the UK.

GODI introduced this year new vanity designs from the Noble Collection, Isabella Collection, and the Dancing Room. The collections evolved over the years to fit the most unique bathroom settings. GODI has focused on the image of a “Secret Garden”; the theme of which vanity units were surrounded by real flowers and greenery, creating interiors that speak directly to the heart.

European designs, including Italian and Spanish styles, developed tremendous highlights among the simplicity of design and functionality of bathroom units; from the smallest fixtures to the double vanity units. However, the Signatures of a lost classic art of bathing had yet evolved to its fullest blossoms. GODI Bathroom retrieves this lost art, and regenerates its natural meaning with its wonderful and natural bathroom designs that are elegant and practical for daily use.