9 Surprising Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel

h-24-1-768x540The bathroom is probably the smallest space of our house, but that doesn’t mean we have to overlook it. We do have to use it every day, several times each day, so why don’t we model it into a space that is really pleasant. We can transform a dull bathroom to an area where you can enjoy a little peace of mind and recharge your batteries. And all these can be accomplished by following some simple guidelines when remodeling your bathroom. So here is what you should take into consideration before starting the redecorating works.

  1. Be careful about what’s lying under the old bathroom tiles. A while ago, bathroom tiles were not installed in the manner they are today. The tiles were placed straight on a wet concrete surface, sometimes with wire laths in it. Thus, to remove them today means to spend a lot of time, effort, and especially money. Look for that black and white floor tiles, and the subway look wall tiles, as they might indicate the existence of concrete under the tiles. If so, it would be advisable not to spend your money on replacing those tiles.
  1. Should you hide the plumbing or not? This aspect is more a matter of personal taste. If you like a rougher, industrial look, the pipe lines can remain visible. If you like a clean, and modern look, you might opt for hiding them under the sink’s mask.
  1. What to consider when thinking about curbless showers. You have to plan carefully how the water used while showering will safely pour into the drain, to avoid puddles. Usually, floor tiles must be elevated a notch, to allow tile pitching. But if you have a person with walking disabilities, the high tiles might represent a problem.
  1. A privacy oasis. Yes, our bathroom can represent our moment of peace and privacy. Do think about making those moments special by installing a beautiful vanity in the bathroom. The variety of vanities out there can transform virtually any space. Personalize yours and pick the ones you desire most.
  1. Don’t forget about the threshold. The thickness of the new floor, the existence of a warmed floor, or curbless shower, can influence the way the threshold will look and how the transition will be made.
  1. Save indoor warmth. In case the shower will be placed on an outer wall, placing tiles there can represent a cold spot in your house. Thus, before tiling, put a thick layer of foam, right behind the backer board. It will enhance the insulation and will eliminate the cold spot.
  1. A master bathroom, or two separate bathrooms? While for some, adding two sinks, side by side, looks like the best solution, some couples will prefer to have their separate bathrooms. If you opt for separate bathroom, personalize your bathroom according to your unique style and character. Even if you remain with one larger bathroom, you can still find amazing vanities for it as well to complement the space you opt to design.
  1. Are you a shower fan? If you enjoy more to have a shower than to soak up in the bathroom, adding a ¾ inch supply line to your shower installation will really boost your experience. It will enhance the water flow, making the shower a lush spoil. Although, it is not a water saving method.
  1. Wet floors. You are, for sure, mesmerized by stand-alone showers. They do, indeed, look fantastic, but there is a problem you need to think about, and that is the constant presence of puddles. For now, there aren’t mats that work efficiently in the case of a stall with a corner opening. So the results will be water on the floor after each shower.